How to send private or group messages in Messenger

Sending Messages on the Web

In Connect, click on the Messenger tab. This will display all the private and group messages you belong to. 

To start a new chat, click on New Chat or New Group in the left panel.

To send a message, type in the text box at the bottom. Click on the paper airplane button in the bottom right corner to send your message.


Sending Messages in the App

In the Main Menu, click on Connect and tap on the Messenger tab. Here you can see all the private and group chats that you are part of. Tap on an existing chat to reply to messages, or click on ‘Create New Group’ to start a new group chat. 


To start a new private chat, tap on the Member tab and search for the user you wish to chat with. Tap on their profile, and tap on the Message button to start a private chat with them.

Note: If you’re unable to send messages, click here to troubleshoot.