Creating Segments and Levels in the Curriculum

A Segment is a collection of levels or years grouped together within your curriculum. 

Examples of Segments:

  • Upper and Lower Primary
  • Art Stream and Science Stream
  • IGCSE Key Stage 1, 2 and 3. 

Creating a Segment

1. Enter the Curriculum. You can choose to either create a nested Segment (A) or import an existing Segment (B) from My Library or Account Library.

2. If you choose to create a new Segment, fill in the Segment name, assessment type and description in the pop up that appears.

3. Create levels by clicking on “Set up levels”. Choose the number of levels to insert, and click on “Add”. The levels should now appear inside your Segment.

4. You can now select a level to start adding Courses to it. Or you can start populating the Unit Plan Template, Assessment Rubric, Learner Skills or Learner Traits for the Segment.


Note: You can also choose to create an Independent Segment in My Library before importing into the Curriculum.