How to manage reported posts/messages in Connect

When a post or message is reported, a report is created in the Manage Report tab. This page lists all the reports that you have permission to manage. You can click on a Report Title to read the details of the post / message being reported, or use the buttons on the right to take quick actions.

You can view and manage reports depending on your role. 

  • Educators can manage reports made against posts inside forum topics they created.
  • Admins, Directors and Curriculum Directors can manage all reports made against posts / messages sent by members of their institution.
  • However, users cannot manage reports made against their own posts or messages.


You can take action on reported posts/messages using the following buttons. If you clicked on a button by accident, you can click on the button again to undo your action.





This button moves a report from the Active tab to the Archived tab. This can be done even if no action has been taken on a report. This allows you to organise and declutter the Active reports tab.

Allow Post

This button allows the post to continue being displayed. Select this if you feel that the reported post is acceptable and does not infringe on your institution’s guidelines.

Delete Post

This button deletes the reported post.

 Warn User

This button lets you send a warning message to:

  • The author of the reported post, if their post infringed on your institution’s guidelines.
  • The guardian or homeroom educator of the author of the reported post.
  • The user who made the report, if the user was irresponsibly reporting posts that are actually acceptable.
  • The warning message will be automatically sent to the user’s BeED Messenger via SystemAdmin.

Ban User

This button lets you temporarily ban the author of the reported post from sending new messages or posts in BeED Connect. They will still be able to view forums and messages, but will be unable to reply. They will receive an automatic notification in BeED Messenger via SystemAdmin.

Banned users can be further managed in the Banned User page.


  • If multiple bans are issued to the same user, the ban with the longest duration will prevail. E.g. if a user was issued a ban for 3 months and 3 days in two separate reports, the user’s ban will last for 3 months.