How to view and create Announcements in Connect

Note: Only Admins, Curriculum Directors and Directors have permission to create, edit and delete announcements.

Announcements In Your Web Browser

1. In the Announcement tab, click on an Announcement to view its contents. To create a new Announcement, click on the + button.


2. Under the dropdown menu for Type, select Announcements. Fill in the rest of the information for your announcement.


3. Filter, drag and drop the recipients for your Announcement. Click on Create to send your announcement. 


4. To edit or delete an announcement, click on the announcement.

a. Click on the 3 dot button and click on the pencil or trashcan icons to edit or delete the announcement respectively.

b. On the right panel, click on the + or trashcan icon to add or remove recipients respectively.


Announcements In Your App

1. You can access Announcements from the main menu by tapping on Menu > Connect. Tap on the Announcements tab and tap on an announcement to view it.



2. Currently, you are not able to create or edit announcements in the app. However, you can click on the 3 dot button inside an announcement to change the cover image, add an attachment or delete it.

Note: If you’re unable to view an Announcement, click here to troubleshoot.