How to create Public and Private Forums in Connect

Forum In Your Web Browser

1. In the Forum Topic tab, you can view a full list of topics.

a. Public Topics are indicated by an ‘unlocked’ icon. These topics are open to all users in the institution network

b. Private Topics are indicated by a ‘locked’ icon. These topics are open only to selected users.

2. Click on a Topic to view its contents. To create a new discussion topic, click on the + button.


3. Under the dropdown menu for Type, select Private Topic or Public Topic. Fill in the rest of the information for your Forum Topic.


4. Filter, drag and drop the participants for your Forum Topic. Click on Create to complete the process.


5. To edit or delete a forum post, click on the forum topic.

a. Click on the 3 dot button and click on the pencil or trashcan icons to edit or delete the forum post respectively.

b. On the right panel, click on the plus or trashcan icon to add or remove participants respectively.


Forum In Your App

1. You can access Forums from the main menu by tapping on Menu > Connect. Tap on the Topic tab and tap on any topic to view it.



2. To create a new Private or Public Topic, click on the + button in the bottom left and select which type of topic you wish to create. Fill up the details and click Create Topic.



3. The BeED App is currently unable to edit forum posts. However, you can click on the 3 dot button to change the cover image, add an attachment or delete your post.

Note: If you’re unable to access a Forum Topic, click here to troubleshoot.