How to create and edit Classes

Creating a Class

1. To create a Class, click on the Learners tab under Roles. Select the Segment and Level for which you would like to create the Class in. Click on the Create Class button. 


2. Fill in the relevant information in their respective fields. Select a Homeroom Educator (Class Teacher) you would like to assign to the class. Homeroom Educators will have access to the Gradebook where they can view all grades for their class. Click on Create Class once you are satisfied with the changes.



Editing a Class

1. To edit a Class, click on the Pencil Icon beside your Class. 


2. On the Edit Class page, you can change the Class Name as well as select a different Homeroom Educator. Click on Save once you are satisfied with your changes.


3. You can also choose to delete the Class on the Edit Class page. Click on Delete on the bottom left of the menu.