How do I create an independent Lesson?

To create an independent Lesson:

1. In My Library, click Create in the top right corner.
2. Select Lesson from the listed document types.  Fill in the required fields and click Save.

Important: Make sure you select your Course from the drop down menu. If your Course doesn’t appear, please contact your Administrator to add it in the Admin Panel

    Under the Basic Info tab:
3. Insert the Lesson description and Assessment Type.
4. (Optional) Import or create the Syllabus, Objectives, Assessment Rubric, Learner Traits and Learner Skills for this Lesson by clicking on the plus or import icon for each document.

Under the Concepts tab:

5. (Optional) Toggle on the relevant pedagogical methodologies and insert information in the respective fields. For concepts, press the Enter key every time you input in a new concept. 

Under the Content Creation tab:

6. Fill up the necessary fields in the upper half of the page.


Insert a learning roadmap by clicking on the pencil icon in the top right of the Main map section and inserting an image. The image can be a map for outdoor learning, or a mind map listing out the topics covered in this lesson. Click here to download some map templates, or look for ideas on how to use maps creatively.

8. Click on the first icon on the left of the map to Add New Point. Drag the new Point to your desired position on the map.

9. Click on the + icon below the map. This creates new stages for this Point. Enter your Stage Name and fill in the required fields. Then, click Create Stage in the bottom left. You can click on the pencil or trash icon respectively to edit or delete the stage.

10. Click on + Lesson Block or + Question Block to structure your Lesson. You can drag these blocks forward or back to rearrange their order. To delete a block, click on the trash bin icon in the top right of the block. Watch the videos below for more details on how to create Lesson blocks, Open Response blocks and MCQ blocks.

11. Click Save in the top right once you’re done.


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