How to set up a new Institution

How to create a new Institution 


Step 1. On the leftmost column, click on the Institution tab under Personnel. This page lists down all the Institutions under your organisation.

Click on the Create Institution button on the top right corner to set up a new Institution.


Step 2: On the Create institution page:

  • Select the Country and City where your Institution is located

  • Type out the Full name of Institution as well as the Short Name (the Short Name determines how the Institution name is displayed in the LMS when space is limited). 

  • (Optional) You can choose to Add Administrator now. But we will go over this in a later section.

  • Upload your Institution’s logo, which will appear on all Learner Report Cards. 

  • (Optional) You can choose to set up your Institution Schedule Settings now by toggling this section on. But note that once you create an Academic Year, you will NOT be able to change it later. We will go over this in more detail in Section 1.2


Once you are satisfied with the current settings, click on Create Institution. This will create your Institution.