Creating Learner Traits in the Curriculum

A Learner Traits Rubric is a set of grading criteria used to assess assignments. The criteria details what is expected of Learners in order to attain a certain grade on an assignment.

Note: Learner Traits can only be applied to Courses graded using rubrics; not for Courses graded using percentages only. 

Creating Learner Traits

1. Select the Segment or Course you wish to create Learner Traits for. Then, click on the + button in the Learner Traits section to create a new document. You can also import existing Learner Traits from My Library or Account Library. 

2. Start filling in the basic information for your Learner Traits:

  • Name of this Learner Traits document
  • Recommended Curriculum -> E.g. IB, IGCSE, SPM etc
  • Description

3. Under Score Settings, toggle on Zero rating if you want to enable a zero score for the learner traits rubric and vice versa.

4. In the table:

  • enter the criteria name and criteria description in the table at the bottom of the page.
  • click on the + icon on the left or bottom of the table to create a new row. Select the Row Range, which is the score interval (eg: a score range of 1-3 has a row range of 3). 
  • click on the x icon on the left side of the table to delete a row.
  • click on the plus icon on the right side of the table to add more criteria. To remove a criteria, click on the cross icon above it.


5. Continue to populate the learner traits for each Level by selecting another Level and repeating steps 3-4.

6. Once you are satisfied with your changes, click on Save. 


Note: You can also create independent Learner Traits in My Library and import them into your Curriculum